Hacks by Camden1101

This is a list of hacks by Camden1101.

Name Creator Description
Super Robot Mario 64 Camden1101 Mario has become a robot! You're basically Metal Mario at all times, with matching robot textures and enemies.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 64 Camden1101 Texture hack to make SM64 look like SMG2
Super Mario Galaxy 64 Camden1101 Texture hack to make SM64 look like SMG
Super DK 64 Camden1101 Texture and Character hack.
Super Mario 64 and the Colorless Kingdom Camden1101 Texture hack only.
Super Mario 64: Revenge of the Shy Guys Camden1101 Texture and character hack only.
Super Mario 64: Mario's Dream Camden1101 Texture and Character hack, some objects are changed.
Super Mario 64: Volcano Island Camden1101 Only 1 course hacked (Bomb Omb Battlefield)
Super Mario 64: Sky Level Camden1101 No Description
Super Mario Sunshine 64 Camden1101 A vanilla hack by Camden1101
Super Mario Pipe Palace Camden1101 A canceled hack created by Camden1101.
Super Mario 64: 3 Star Challenge Camden1101 A short 3 star mini-hack by Camden1101. NOTE: The 3rd star can't be collected without hacks, so it is not counted in the total.

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