Hacks by Fares242

This is a list of hacks by Fares242.

Name Creator Description
Super Mario The Battle Storm Fares242 A series of boss battles that take you through the journey of different hazards.
Super Mario The Halloween Star Fares242 A mini-hack for Halloween 2014 by Fares.
Super Mario Warp Zone Fares242 There is NO saving after each star in this hack. To save, use savestates. This is also why you start with 50 1-ups
Super Mario Warp Zone Alternate Version Fares242 *not sure of star count*
Super Mario Warp Zone Secret Star Zone Fares242 No Description
Super Mario Warp Zone 2 Fares242 No Description
Super Mario & Planet Stardust's Rampage Fares242 The 100 coin stars have an unfixable bug that you want to avoid.
Super Mario: The Power Star Journey Fares242 Once again, Bowser comes to Mushroom Kingdom to cause trouble! But this time, makes it to STAR VALLEY & steals the King Star that was holding the power stars together, thus letting them spread! Bowser then builds a base in space called STAR BASE. But, worse is still ahead! Bowser at the end intends to use the King Star's power to absorb all star power from the planet! To beat Bowser, Mario must reach STAR VALLEY & use its space-blast cannon that can blast him to BOWSER'S STAR BASE. To do that, Mario must collect 80 power stars to open the door that Bowser sealed in STAR VALLEY. STAR VALLEY has a HIDDEN entrance you have to find. Can Mario get the job done?
Super Mario and the Big Power Star Hunt Fares242 A pre-Planet and Stardusts Rampage hack by Fares.
Mario vs. Bowser Fares242 A hack featuring two Bowser levels and fights
Super Mario 64: Christmas Land Fares242 Christmas themed hack
Super Mario King Bob-omb's Revenge Fares242 No Description
Super Mario The Power Star - Christmas Special Fares242 Overworld and long course. When you beat last Bowser, you get 1 star.
Super Mario Mystic Isles Fares242 A short hack with nice graphics, texting, and lots of fun. Enjoy! *No 100 coin stars*
Sonic the Hedgehog - The Glittering Stars Fares242 Overworld and several courses.
Super Mario The Galactic Journey Fares242 Bowser steals the Galactic Star for his desire for an Inter-galactic Empire. Can Mario save the galaxy... again?
Super Mario the Collapsing World Fares242 Super Mario the Collapsing World is neat 6 stars mini-hack by Fares242.

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