Hacks by Mariocrash64

This is a list of hacks by Mariocrash64.

Name Creator Description
HallowCrash Mariocrash64 Also known as SPOOKY.z64
Warp Zone DX Mariocrash64 A mini-hack (no 100 coin stars)
Super Mario 64: It's A Crash! Mariocrash64 A mini-hack by MarioCrash64
Super Mario 64: Boonster's Peril Mariocrash64 Mario goes to an immense dark tower where he could find Luigi, but this tower will make his peaceful night time a perilous quest! Based on a level from Super Crash 64.
Brutal Mario 64 Mariocrash64 A brutally hard SM64 rom hack created by Mariocrash64.

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