Hacks by Pilzinsel64

This is a list of hacks by Pilzinsel64.

Name Creator Description
Dein SM64 Hack Best of v1.3 Pilzinsel64 Compilation of the best of Dein SM64 hack v1.3.
Pidi64's Adventures 64 - A Slippery Day Pilzinsel64 A little Slide-Hack. You will find five Stars in the Side-Level and for stars in the Overworld. Play as Pidi64!
Super Mario 74: Chaos Edition Pilzinsel64 Taking Lugmillord's hack, Pilzinsel modified it to play chaos.
Chaos Edition Pack Pilzinsel64 A compilation of multiple chaos editions.
Super Mario 64: Easy Worlds Pilzinsel64 This has completely hacked overworld and many courses. German only.
GrĂ¼ninsel von Rockborkbuck Pilzinsel64 Only overworld and 1 course hack.
Winter in Konkrastadt Pilzinsel64 Over world and several courses.

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