Hacks by Skelux

This is a list of hacks by Skelux.

Name Creator Description
Super Mario Star Road Skelux One of the generally most famous rom hacks, known for a well made design and interesting stars.
Super Mario Star Road Multiplayer Skelux A multiplayer version of the famous hack Super Mario Star Road.
Butterfly 64 Skelux A hack made mostly for the fun of it, where you play as an uncontrollable butterfly!
Super Mario 64: Christmas Carnival Special Skelux A mini-hack by Skelux for Christmas 2010
Super Mario 64: Multiplayer Skelux A multiplayer version of the original game.
Mario DDR 64 Skelux No Description
Mushroom Kingdom Stadium 64 Skelux This hack has 6 very simple and easy stars. When you exit the course, game will crash.
Star Legend 64 Skelux Demo. Only 1 course hacked (Bomb Omb Battlefield)
[NDS] Butterfly 64 DS Skelux Your favourite butterfly AI is now on the DS
24 Red Coins Challenge Skelux A hack made by skelux when the Messian's level importer first came out and hidden in the SM64 level importer as an easter egg.
[NDS] Super Mario 64 DS Multiplayer Skelux This hack allows you to play SM64DS in multiplayer. However, there's a catch: both players need to share one controller! Controls in the readme. Note that 100% is impossible because of various glitches.
[NDS] Super Mario Star World Controls Test Skelux A hack which improves SM64DS's controls.
Super Smash Bros. 3D Skelux Ever dreamed of playing Super Smash Bros. in 3D? Well SKELUX just made your dream come true.

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