Hacks by TheGael95

This is a list of hacks by TheGael95.

Name Creator Description
Super Mario Cyclone Fighter TheGael95 An interesting hack in a much more linear style than usual Super Mario 64. Are you ready to try this out?
Luigi and the Forest Ruins 64 TheGael95 No Description
Super Mario 64: Openworld Edition TheGael95 This hack is basically the original SM64 with a openworld system like in Star Revenge 3/4. (levels are connected to each other, and you stay in the same place after collecting a star in almost every course : except C3, 9 and 14) Many level themes have been modified in order to fit this climax, but also to make it a bit different from the original levels. A fair number of stars are also changed in some way.
Sonic in Mushroom Kingdom 64 TheGael95 May be more than 3 stars, overworld and several courses.
Termina Field TheGael95 Contains only one level, which is a re-creation of Termina Field from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
Ztar Attack 0.5: Mario Escape From the Jail TheGael95 A hack with new and interesting challenges. Can you escape from the jail?
The Forgotten Stars TheGael95 A lost episode in the Ztar Attack series.
Super Mario 64 1.5: Ztar Attack! TheGael95 An awesome hack by TheGael95.
Ztar Attack 2: a Blast to the Past TheGael95 The sequel to Ztar Attack is in development and it is very promising so far! A 7 star demo is available for download right now.

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