Hacks by Tomatobird8

This is a list of hacks by Tomatobird8.

Name Creator Description
Super Mario 64: Super Duber Mountain Tomatobird8 Only 1 course hacked (Bomb Omb Battlefield)
Super Mario 64: The 10 Lost Stars Tomatobird8 No Description
Super Mario 64: Tricky Towerislands Tomatobird8 Only 1 course hacked (Tall Tall Mountain)
Super Mario 64: Forever BLJ Control Tomatobird8 This hack requires mad BLJ skillz... or some creative strats(*cough cough* Fly Guy manipulation). When you get a star the game will crash, so you will need to restart if you get one star & want the next.
Super Mario 64: Goomba Skylands Tomatobird8 Only 1 course hacked (Whomp's Fortress)
Super Mario 64: Mario's House Tomatobird8 Only 1 course hacked (Bomb Omb Battlefield) No stars.
Super Mario 64: Extra Tomatobird8 Very huge levels. A couple of really easy levels, a couple of medium levels, and a fairly difficult final obstacle course level. Then there's Zone of Death OpieOP the hidden tortuous level that is a 6/5 in difficulty.
Tomatobird8's Single Star Speedruns Tomatobird8 A hack made specifically for speedruns. It has the timer patch applied to it, making it easier for speedrunners to know their time.
Diamond Air Tomatobird8 No Description

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