Hacks by TsucnenT

This is a list of hacks by TsucnenT.

Name Creator Description
TsucnenT's Treasures 2 TsucnenT The sequel of TsucnenT's Treasures is here! Confront to the challenges and be a Super Mario champ!
TsucnenT's Treasures TsucnenT You think by now that Nightmare, 74EE, and NoD is harder? And you're still hardcore for some atrocious torture, so here's a little treat from Japan!
TsucnenT's Boss Battle TesT TsucnenT Another hack from TsucnenT that is incredibly difficult. If you played first two games to completion and want something even more difficult to complete, try this out! Contains one level with 7 stars and 2 other stars.
TsucnenT's Super Mario Treasure World TsucnenT TsucnenT's 4th hack is released! Bring your skills when you play this massive extreme hack or you might end up hurt... P.S. Watch out for troll stars WutFace Made by TsucnenT and Rambi_Rampage

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