Super Mario 64: Openworld Edition

This hack is basically the original SM64 with a openworld system like in Star Revenge 3/4. (levels are connected to each other, and you stay in the same place after collecting a star in almost every course : except C3, 9 and 14) Many level themes have been modified in order to fit this climax, but also to make it a bit different from the original levels. A fair number of stars are also changed in some way.

Creator Difficulty Total Stars Required Stars Download
TheGael95 0 / 5 121 50 Download Recommended Version

Version Comment Contributors Release Date Actions
1.2 Fixed the none Unknown Flag
1.1a Fixed the Warp Pipe from the Wing Cap level to Cursed Peaks, Moved a red coin in the Wing Cap level, Improved the entrance of Peach's Harbor none 6.??.2016 Flag
1.1 The outside part of the Cap Towers has been removed (due to microcode errors), To compensate that, a red coins star has been added in the inside part of the Cap Towers, "Before the Showdown" is now called "Atop the Cap Towers", You can now return to the Wing Cap level from the way to Cursed Peaks none Unknown Flag
1.0a Some missing dialog is now added, You can now return to Eyerok's Sand Temple from the Vanish Cap level, There are now Piranha Plants in Course 1, Dying in Peach's Castle doesn't softlock the game none Unknown Flag
1.0 none TheAnkleDestroyer 6.10.2016 Flag

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