Twisted Adventures

A challenging adventure with a lot of stars to collect for the experienced player, some very hard indeed. A lot of new challenges await in this one! Can you collect all 151?

Creator Difficulty Total Stars Required Stars Download Wiki Page
SomeRussianMarioDude 4 / 5 151 115 Download Recommended Version Mario64Hacks Wiki Page

Version Comment Contributors Release Date Actions
2.1 Mariocrash64 Flag
1.1 Flag
1.0 Flag
OG This is a working version of the original TA that is not broken like some variations of 1.1 or 1.0. none 10.19.2012 Flag
2.0 Fixed Warps and game is edited a little bit in a ton of places, some more so than others. An easier version. In-course hidden warps are now visible as well :) Mariocrash64 8.1.2016 Flag

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