Bob-omb Richard's Mastertest

A hack with 7 courses, 1 other level, and some very difficult stars... not at all recommended for beginners. All 7 courses have 6 stars, except Course 6 in which 100 coins is possible(so 7 stars there). Are you pro enough to take on this test and collect all 47 stars changed from the original? (Just a tip: You will want to use Jabo's 1.5.2 graphics plugin instead of Jabo's 1.6 for this hack to avoid the game crashing in Course 7 from a 3D text watermark.) *MrMarioTendo is also MarvMario*

Creator Difficulty Total Stars Required Stars Download
MrMarioTendo 4 / 5 47 Unknown Download Recommended Version

Version Comment Contributors Release Date Actions
1.0 none none Unknown Flag

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