Luigi's Mansion 64

A hack based on the original game and inspired by a lot of other hacks, like Kaizo Mario 64, Luigi's Mansion ALPHA, and Super Mario 128, combined into a delightful and scary compilation.

Creator Difficulty Total Stars Required Stars Download Wiki Page
Mariocrash64, Me-me 2 / 5 111 100 Download Recommended Version Mario64Hacks Wiki Page

Version Comment Contributors Release Date Actions
Multiplayer 1.0 none none 05.2017 Flag
1.3 Fixed minor text, updated minor graphics in C15, B1, B2 and B3, added sign texts in the courtyard, removed stars in C13 Wiggler area. none 3.17.2017 Flag
1.2 none none 6.??.2015 Flag
1.1 Update with minor improvements none 6.??.2015 Flag
1.0 none none 5.31.2015 Flag

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