Super Mazio 64

First ROM Hack from IngoH! Excited to see what a new creator has in mind?

Creator Difficulty Total Stars Required Stars Download
IngoH 0 / 5 108 108 Download Recommended Version

Version Comment Contributors Release Date Actions
1.6b Changed Bob-Omb Maze and Tall, Tall Maze wall textures (alternative) none 11.21.2017 Flag
1.6a Downscaled Bob-Omb Maze and Tall, Tall Maze wall textures, text and collision bug fix. none 11.21.2017 Flag
1.5 Added end screen none 11.20.2017 Flag
1.4 Multiple star related issues solved none 11.20.2017 Flag
1.3 Big Boo Maze star ID fix none 11.20.2017 Flag
1.2 none none 11.18.2017 Flag

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