Super Mario 64: Green Demon Challenge

The Green Demon Challenge for Super Mario 64 - 1ups kill you, you have to collect all 8 red coins while a homing 1up mushroom follows you. Please note that some levels are impossible

Creator Difficulty Total Stars Required Stars Download
IngoH 2 / 5 120 70 Download Recommended Version

Version Comment Contributors Release Date Actions
1.4 Added 1up in THI sub-world none 2.11.2018 Flag
1.3 Infinite lives none 12.22.2017 Flag
1.2 Retextured 1up none 12.20.2017 Flag
1.1 50 lives none 12.20.2017 Flag
1.0 All levels except bowser fights and hub worlds have 1ups now none 12.19.2017 Flag
Beta 2 Added homing 1ups to all 'main' coarses. none 12.18.2017 Flag
Beta 1 none none 12.18.2017 Flag
The Final Challenge The original WMotR Green Demon Challenge. Good luck to everyone trying none 2.11.2018 Flag

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