Star Revenge 3.9: Dreamish Block Beats

This hack is what happens when a whole 2.5D level is just based on the beat blocks... but there are 8 of them. These range from short ones with like 20 beat blocks to long ones with +100 of them... yes, I am insane. Each level has 1 or more checkpoints and once you beat all the 8 main courses once you unlock a checkpointless mode... which is rewarded with another star. This is to reward the dare devils that want to try without. Don't worry, once you got 8 stars you can end the hack.

Creator Difficulty Total Stars Required Stars Download Wiki Page
BroDute ? / 5 20 8 Download Recommended Version Mario64Hacks Wiki Page

Version Comment Contributors Release Date Actions
1.1 More checkpoints in levels 3 - 7, Rearranged some blocks here and there none 2.14.2019 Flag

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