Star Revenge 2: (Act 2) Night of Doom

An incredibly hard rom hack based on BroDute's first hack. Commonly known as the hardest complete rom hack available to date.

Creator Difficulty Total Stars Required Stars Download Wiki Page
BroDute 5 / 5 152 90 Download Recommended Version Mario64Hacks Wiki Page

Version Comment Contributors Release Date Actions
1.2 "1.0" For those that like 1.0, this version has just the new title screen and the new hud numbers, letters and HP bar that 1.1 had, the rest is the same none 9.22.2018 Flag
1.2 includes some QoL fixes, such as Invisible wall fix & removing vanish cap effect from start. none 9.22.2018 Flag
Demo none none 2013 Flag
2.0 Night of Troll Edition none Unknown Flag
1.1 Parallel lakitu cam, 80 coin stars and you no longer need to collect all the red coins in all of the levels. none 9.26.2017 Flag
1.0 German German / Deutsch Version none 7.19.2013 Flag
Demo 1.11 none none 2012 Flag
Demo 1 none none 2012 Flag
1.0 English English Version none 7.19.2013 Flag

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