Luigi's Mansion 64.5

A new and little more challenging version of Luigi's Mansion 64. It takes place after King Boo has disappeared, where the castle for some reason is quieter than ever, and Luigi must retrieve the Starlings to bring back the light to Mushroom Kingdom.

Creator Difficulty Total Stars Required Stars Download Wiki Page
Mariocrash64, Me-me 3 / 5 111 Unknown Download Recommended Version Mario64Hacks Wiki Page

Version Comment Contributors Release Date Actions
1.2 Super Player Mode Hard version for the best players. Update notes inside file. none 4.9.2016 Flag
1.3 Super Player Mode Same changes as Easy Mode. none 3.17.2017 Flag
1.3 Easy Mode Quick shortcut to final Bowser fight by the moat, removed wrong warp to Bowser 2, changed music in the credits scene, removed stars in C13 Piranhas area. none 3.17.2017 Flag
1.2 Easy Mode Easy version. Updates included in file. none 4.9.2016 Flag

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