TsucnenT's Super Mario Treasure World

TsucnenT's 4th hack is released! Bring your skills when you play this massive extreme hack or you might end up hurt... P.S. Watch out for troll stars WutFace Made by TsucnenT and Rambi_Rampage

Creator Difficulty Total Stars Required Stars Download
TsucnenT 5 / 5 182 115 Download Recommended Version

Version Comment Contributors Release Date Actions
Demo none none 9.27.2016
1.0 none none 12.6.2016
1.2.1 Fixed warps in OW, Added the signboards and messages, Fixed act name of 1-4, Added the new bonus level!, Changed the warp settings with added new level, Minor fix to a text; forgot to fix a start text in OW on 1.2. none 1.??.2017

Tool Details
Report Hack Reports the hack to the database administrator.

Coded with ❤️ by Nathaniel Suchy