Shining Stars 3: Sanctuary of the Star Comet

The latest hack in the Shining Stars Series, and it's as awesome as ever!

Creator Difficulty Total Stars Required Stars Download Wiki Page
Pieordie1 2 / 5 132 Unknown Download Recommended Version Mario64Hacks Wiki Page

Version Comment Contributors Release Date Actions
Demo 5 03.07.2016 Flag
Demo 4 05.21.2016 Flag
Demo 3 21.17.2015 Flag
Demo 2 11.26.2015 Flag
Demo 1 none none 7.14.2015 Flag
1.3.1 Patched Kaze's elevator fix so now moving on upward elevators and boats won't eat Mario's jump none 8.1.2017 Flag
1.3 No DL link yet. Fixed text errors ,changed C14S6 a tiny bit none Unknown Flag
1.2 Fixed Course 13 star 5 and 6, Changed success and failure warps in C13 area 2 and 3 none Unknown Flag
1.0 none none 8.1.2017 Flag
1.1 No DL link yet. Reduced some star door amounts in Overworld 1 and 2 ,Added a few objects to make things easier, Course 6 Star 1 is slightly different, More things added for visibility none Unknown Flag
2.0 Removed useless objects (like C1 shrink platform), Objects that disappear don't go away forever, Easier ways to get to Vanish Cap and to the funtimes door in OW1, dying in the final section of the game takes you to a small death area, C2 bonus area slightly extended, getting to King Bob Omb is easier to do now, various C5 fixes and objects added, C12 area 2 warp is now easier to see, C15 silvers, final boss edited slightly, some songs modified a little most are still the same though none 6.5.2018 Flag

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